Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from Crete Island

Felea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural product of cold extraction of Koroneiki variety cultivated using strict organic methods. Strict inspection of the process along with traditional methods that use no chemicals and fertilizers, guarantee the collection of the most beneficial substances of the olives.

It is an organic olive oil with emerald color and velvety texture, with rich and clear taste giving off aromas of almond and artichoke interspersed by fruity flavors. Its spicy taste and light bitterness give it a long aftertaste. Felea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the ideal proposal for your cuisine. You can enjoy it raw in salads, in grilled vegetables or even on a slice of fresh bread to taste its balanced, aromatic character. You can also use it in marinated food, in casserole and fried dishes for a more healthy and tasty cooking.

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