Extra Virgin Olive Oil
PDO Sitia & Mylopotamos

The palette of exquisite virgin olive oils of FeleaGoods® is completed with two special proposals: the protected designation of origin (PDO) olive oils of Sitia and North Mylopotamos.

They originate from different regions of Crete with different climate and soil texture; however they do share a common characteristic: they are produced by locals with PDO certification who follow the traditional local methods of cultivation and picking of the olives.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sitia

is low in acidity and is rich in fruity taste and is exclusively from Koroneiki variety. Sitia is famous for its rich geomorphology and its exquisite xerothermic climate. The favorable natural conditions, the great local tradition in the cultivation of olive trees and the know-how of the producers have as a result an extra virgin olive oil, internationally acknowledged for its taste and quality.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Mylopotamos

originates from a different mountainous region of Crete, called Mylopotamos, in Rethymno. The combination of two different varieties in this region yields a distinct golden-yellow olive oil with a balanced, pleasant taste and fine fruity aroma.

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