Balsamic Vinegar

FeleaGoods® proposes a series of aromatic balsamic vinegar produced by grapes of the Cretan vineyards and add culinary touches of high gastronomy to your salads and other dishes.

Balsamic Vinegar from Aged Wine and Concentrated Grape Must
The Balsamic Vinegar from Aged Wine and Concentrated Grape Must offers great culinary excitement. It can be added in salads, in meat, seafood, risotto or be the basis for delicious vinaigrettes. Our suggestion is: add a spoonful of Felea olive oil, some orange juice, a spoonful of mustard and balsamic vinegar from aged wine, some salt and your preferred spices and you have made an excellent vinaigrette.

Balsamic Vinegar with Thyme Honey
When vinegar from grapes of Cretan vineyards is combined with thyme honey of the Cretan mountains the result is a superbly aromatic balsamic vinegar that is a delight to the palate. Felea balsamic vinegar with thyme honey is superb on its own and therefore can be consumed as a dip but gives a unique sweet and sour taste in salads or meat.

with Thyme Honey
A great mix of balsamic vinegar, made by fine Cretan grapes, combined with authentic thyme honey. Add FeleaGoods balsamic vinegar on salads and meat or prepare a dip for your bread and enjoy a unique gourmet experience in flavors of Crete.

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