The fragrance of herbs growing in the rocky mountains of Crete is undoubtedly the most characteristic smell of Cretan nature.

Dictamnus, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme and other rare herbs, release their overwhelming aroma throughout the year and especially the summer months when they are in blossom. The therapeutic and beneficial qualities of herbs are known since antiquity to Cretans, who used to drink them daily as herbal infusions or add them as spices in their dishes.
FeleaGoods® herbs are hand-picked from the mountains of Crete with respect to the environment, then dried naturally and packaged with special care and attention so as to preserve their aroma and qualities to the fullest.


Dictamnus is an endemic plant with grey-green velvety leaves that grows in steep mountainsides and in the rocky walls of gorges in Crete. In Minoan times as well as in ancient Greece it was considered as one of the most significant therapeutic plants and not without a reason. Dictamnus has antiseptic and tonic properties, soothes the digestive system and relieves stomach disorders, helps in the recovery from the flu and the common cold, is beneficial for headaches and acts as antidiabetic. Enjoy it as a herb infusion: add two spoonful of dictamnus in boiled water, leave it for five minutes and then throw away the leaves of the herb. Ideally, you can add a spoonful of Felea thyme honey and you have a tonic, soothing and aromatic infusion.


Oregano is maybe the most emblematic herb of the Cretan and generally of the Mediterranean cuisine. Felea oregano is self-seeded in the Cretan mountains, is hand-picked and dried naturally. Its beneficial qualities are known since antiquity: it helps in digestion and soothes from stomach disorders, has antioxidants, vitamins and antibacterial action. As an infusion it helps in the recovery from the flu and the common cold. For a taste of Crete and the Mediterranean, use it in red sauces or in salads combined with olive oil and fresh tomato, in fish or even in fresh potato chips.


Rosemary or ‘arismari’, as we call it in Crete, is a self-seeded, aromatic plant with important healing qualities that has a special place in the local cuisine. As all the herbs of FeleaGoods® it is hand-picked, dried naturally and packaged with strict regulations to ensure that its aromas and qualities remain intact. Rosemary has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant substances, is a stimulant for the heart, helps in memory and concentration, has healing effects on rheumatisms and cough. It adds an exquisite taste in fish (grilled or fried) and meat. Combine it in your cooking with Felea olive oil and let it release its aromas.


The smell of wild sage in the air during the summer is perhaps the most intense smelling experience that a visitor has the chance to live in Crete. FeleaGoods® has enclosed this experience in a box after having picked the aromatic leaves of wild sage and dried them naturally. Sage can be used as both an infusion and a spice. It has antiseptic, expectorant, tonic and cardio stimulant qualities and at the same time has a distinctive peppery taste that suits superbly fatty meat, fish and sea food. Enjoy it as an infusion: add 2 spoonful of sage in boiled water for 2-3 minutes, remove it and if you wish, add some Felea thyme honey to benefit from the combination of the qualities of two distinct Cretan products.


Every summer the Cretan mountains turn purple from the blossoms of the thyme and are filled with its distinct, peppery aroma. Thyme is the ideal food for bees and yet it concentrates the most healing properties compared to other herbs and for this reason it was hailed in ancient Greece and Rome: it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic.
Felea thyme is picked from the self-seeding wild bushes of the Cretan mountains the blossom period, when its essential oils and aromas are stronger. It is dried naturally and is available for you in appropriate packaging to keep it fresh. You can use it in red sauces or in meat and you can combine it with other herbs (e.g. oregano). Additionally, it can be consumed as an infusion, combined with Felea thyme honey for the recovery from sore throat and cough.

Organic Herbs

The genuine range of Felea Cretan herbs is now enriched with the addition of organically grown herbs!

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