Goat in tomato sauce with spaghetti and goat’s cheese

One of Crete’s most favourite dishes.

1kg goat, 1kg tomatoes finely chopped, 1 onion finely chopped, FeleaGoods olive oil, spaghetti, grated goats cheese, 1lt goat’s stock, salt and pepper.

Sauté the onions in the FeleaGoods olive oil for 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and 332 cups of water. Then add the goat pieces cut in 100-150grams, each. Leave it to cook for 1 ½ hour on medium heat, adding water if mixture dries.
In a different pot, put the stock and some salt. Bring to the boil and add the spaghetti.
Once cooked, serve spaghetti with the goat sauce and sprinkle with the goat’s cheese.